Galiano Island Day Tours

Join us for a 3-6 hr day paddle exploring the calm, protected waters surrounding Montague Harbour.

We specialize in small tour groups of 2-6 that allow us to provide each client with individual attention and instruction, ensuring a memorable experience! Our guides are not only skilled kayaking instructors, but also keen naturalists knowledgeable about the flora, fauna, and geology of the region.

Please call or email in advance to ensure a place for yourself on the tour.

All tours include a ~30 min dock-side orientation, customized to your experience level. Topics covered include: how to adjust your seat and foot pedals; how to use your rudder; basic paddle stroke; how to wet exit; how to perform an assisted-rescue.

Prices assume a group size of 3 or more clients, and are subject to change without notice. Tours of two people are subject to a $10+tax (2.5-4hr tours) or $15+tax (5-7hr tours) surcharge per person if no other paddlers join. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars and do not include tax (5% GST).

Children are always welcome on our tours! Teenagers receive a 10% discount, children 5-12 receive a 50% discount, and children under 5 are $5.

Kayak Tours

Early Bird Tour

$75 (3HRS - 9am to Noon) Enjoy a quiet morning paddle in calm, sheltered waters, exploring the diverse intertidal life and coastline of Montague Harbour Provincial Marine Park and its environs. Perfect for paddlers of all skill levels, and those with an interest in ecology, this tour includes hands-on learning experiences facilitated by our passionate and knowledgeable local guides.

Seals & Sandstone Afternoon Tour

$80 (3HRS - 1pm to 4pm) Kayak in sheltered waters surrounded by islands, honeycombed sandstone cliffs and sunning seals. Learn how wave action and salt weathering sculpt the soft sandstone bedrock, resulting in the dramatic tafoni formations that riddle the shoreline. Afternoon is when seals take their siesta, and are often found asleep on the rocks, camouflaged amongst the sandstone. Otters, eagles, herons, and other wildlife are also regularly encountered. No experience necessary! Our passionate guides have a keen interest in local ecology, and are happy to share their knowledge.

$90 (4HRS - 1pm to 5pm) Much like our 3hr afternoon tour, but the extra hour allows us to explore farther from Montague and split our time on the water with a beach break to stretch our legs and have a snack (not included). A popular destination is the Ballingall Islets, a nature preserve frequented by cormorants, black oystercatchers, and other sea birds and a popular haulout for harbour seals. Our guides customize the route and pace to fit your energy level. Frequent wildlife sightings and learning opportunities facilitate a leisurely pace -- Beginner's welcome!

Experience Galiano Day Tour

$125 (6HRS - 11am to 5pm) Our full day tour is for those who want to see it all -- five to six hours on the water allow us to explore both the islands and the cliffs of Galiano, visiting bird and seal sanctuaries and sculpted sandstone galleries. Bring your camera, as close encounters with eagles, otters, seals, herons and more are the rule, rather than the exception. Ideal for intermediates or adventurous beginners. Our guides are passionate naturalists who are happy to share their knowledge of the local ecology, geology, and island culture. Small groups of 2 - 6 allow us to provide each client with individual attention and instruction, ensuring a memorable experience! (Lunch is not included).

Active Pass Currents and Wildlife Tour

$135 (5HRS - Start time varies with tides) A tour for intermediate and experienced paddlers who wish to explore the pleasures and excitement of currents and eddies in Active Pass. Higher currents allow for more complex food webs, providing greater intertidal diversity and more frequent wildlife sightings than surrounding areas. If you don't see otters, seals, or eagles, your next tour is free!

Sunset Tour

$80 (3HRS - Start time varies with sunset) Enjoy the stillness of the evening as you paddle in the warmth of the setting sun. Summer nights are typically windless, providing glass-still water at sunset and crimson colours above and below the horizon. Accessible to all skill levels. A wonderful end to the day.

Bioluminescence Night Tour

$85 (2.5HRS - Start time varies with sunset) Join us for a memorable evening experiencing and learning about bioluminescence -- the production and emission of light by organisms. Bioluminescence occurs in the Gulf Islands seasonally as warmer temperatures allow dinoflagellates -- single celled plant-like organisms to flourish. When disturbed, dinoflagellates emit light as a defense mechanism. As the light fades and your paddle becomes harder to see, its movement through the water is soon illuminated as it agitates the living ocean. Although wildlife is difficult to see above the water in darkness, movements of other creatures below the surface are illuminated as well. Schools of fish that remain elusive during the day reveal their presence by the comet's tail of sparkling light they trail behind them. This unique tour is accessible to all paddlers (provided you have no fear of the dark!).

Kayak & Bicycle Tours

Retreat Cove Circuit Tour

$155 (6-7HRS - Start time varies with tides) Departing Montague by kayak, we will explore north, up along the cliffs of Galiano past bird sanctuaries, seal haulouts, and sculpted sandstone galleries. Without the need to return to Montague by kayak, we can explore farther than all other day tours, continuing northwest to Retreat Cove, a picturesque cove sheltered by a small island. Taking out at the government wharf, we will explore the largest sandstone caves on Galiano by foot, before trading our kayaks for bicycles. The ride between Montague and Retreat cove is scenic and forested, with few hills. Partway through the bike ride, we will stop for a half-hour hike to a beautiful viewpoint. (This tour may run in reverse depending on the prevailing winds and tides.)

Active Pass Bike & Kayak Tour

$165 (6-7HRS - Start time varies with tides) Like our standard Active Pass kayak tour (see above), but rather than getting driven back to Montague upon our arrival in Sturdies Bay, we will instead swap our kayaks for bicycles and take the scenic route back to Montague through the Bluffs, stopping to enjoy the panoramic views of Active Pass from above. (This tour may run in reverse depending on the prevailing winds and tides.)

Camping expeditions

We tailor trips according to experience and interest. Beginners are welcome to request these tours. We can tailor trip routes according to experience or sightseeing interests. Our guides are skilled paddlers and passionate naturalists who are happy to help you hone your paddling skills and share their knowledge of the local ecology, geography, and history. Small groups of 2 - 6 allow us to provide each client with individual attention and instruction, ensuring a memorable experience!

Call or e-mail for details and rates!